Monday, January 18, 2016

2016 January 2-8: Hand Timeline Maidens

Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

Quote: Opening a timeline has changed...I now get a kiss from a Maiden.

January 2-8, Hand Timeline Maidens - When you open a timeline, their hand is on your hand. They allow access to the timelines. Without their permission, you can not even hold a timeline.

Shell/Hack: On Walnut Street, I am riding my bicycle back home from Downtown Berkeley BART. Before Cedar Street, I look up and see dozens of moving crows perched on the lines and trees. My avatar says, "My, that is a lot of crows!" to notice the shell of the day. In the record, there is only one crow shell though many are showing. Throughout the day, the avatar made different crow shells with movement at each of the locations. Looking above the record, the present crow shell radiates green timelines out to the past crow shells.
Cross train: Mum & Daughters, Sugar Pine, White Egret, Red-tailed Hawk, Lodgepole Chipmunk, Sport Maiden, Placerville, South Fork American River, Folsom Lake, Sierra Nevada Mountains & Daughters, Blue Dragon

Dreams: I am in a church like structure and say good bye to my Mom in a pew. I join the other children in a pew further up the aisle. In the timeline, the children and I are all wearing white gowns. In the record, I can not view any other timelines in the dream world.

Shell: Jon and I snowshoe down Becker Peak and met a man, a girl and a boy who are cross country skiing up the slope. The man asked me if I have been to Ralston Peak. I replied.

"Is that the one with the big rocks at the top?  Ah..I guess they all have rocks at the top."

I tell the man that I need to look at the map to see where I was. He makes a joke that without a map, we might be in Nebraska. We say our goodbyes and part our ways. While we talked, I keep looking back and forth between the man and girl because the girl keeps staring at me.
In the record, they are the White, Blue, and Green dragons of the Earth. The Blue dragon wanted to meet me in person since I did her a favor by rescuing her from a prison in a parallel world.
In the record, I, Blue, saw that David had a Raggedy Ann doll in his flat. I wanted to impress him so I made my hair with large curly locks. He said he liked them.
In the record, White told me the location for the Midwest Energy bank when he mentioned Nebraska.

Hack: In the open garage next door, I see neighbor Al sitting in his chair. I get in my car which is very close to the his garage, yet he does not notice me because his attention is off to the side. The reason this is a hack is because the garage door was closed at the time. My avatar was out earlier recording Al in the garage. When I came out, she showed my eyes the recording, a real-life movie mirage.
Cross train: Mum & Daughters, Crops & Daughters, Blackbirds, Tule Elk, Natalie Cole, Davis, Mount Vaca, Gwen & Daughters

Hack: In Sacramento, I am cooking waffles in my Mom's kitchen. Out the window, I see a mixed breed cat investigating the backyard. From behind the green bush on the left, the cat comes out running along the bricks. When the cat passes the tree, an exact copy of the same cat comes out running from behind the bush. They both exits the gap in the hedge. When I separate the record between the two cats, I see a green timeline joining the halves. The Timeline Hand Maiden connected the two present timelines behind the tree to hide any seam distortion.

Update - 2016 December 24 - Grammar. Added Part 4 Blue in labels, location of the Midwest energy  bank, Blue's comment, and the favor on the 4th. The avatars of the week still do the practice. We do not want to write it...that is David's work. 
2018 July 15 - add in the record

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