Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016 January 9-15: Mars Dragons

Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.
January 9-15, Mars Dragons - They excel in Asian human shells that walk, talk and interact like humans. They wanted names which only humans do. In the record, the avatar in the shell radiates a bright color. 

"Mars Dragons make lifelike human shells, because we were human long ago." Mars Queen Dragon

Catch - I tripped at work. When the avatar is beneath you, they reach up and hold down your foot for a brief moment.
Process: I improved the journal process with everything in one place.
Cross train: Dragon Mums (Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, White), Strawberry, Redwood & Daughter, Warriors, Oakland & Daughter
Hack: The lights did a slow dim to off, then back on.
Catch: I tripped again at work in front of people. I explained that I need to learn to walk.
Shell: I stop for a squirrel running across the road. In the record, I see an avatar in the squirrel shell.
Hack: Lights blinked off then on.
Catch: I tripped at work in a vacate hallway. 
Shell: Bicycling home from work, I meet four Asian women in the Posey Tube. They all stood aside so I can pass. Their names are Earth, Sun, Moon, and Star, all dragons from Mars.

Hack: I make power points for work and view the files as thumbnails. Three different files had the same thumbnails. I need to edit the files to correct the thumbnail.
Shell: While bicycling home on Walnut Avenue, I see a dozen crows in the 1751 driveway all sitting very still, which is odd. In the record, the avatar is in the tree viewing his multiple shells from one crow shell.
Dreams: I walk the flooded corridors, turn left then right, and finally make it to the bathroom. I see a machine right above the toilet spray and clean the seat.  I think about how to move the cleaner to sit down. I wake up to go to the bathroom.
Cross train: Mum & Daughter, Century Oak Tree, Hummingbird, Bowie's better Half, Kenisha & Daughter

Hack: The anime music video site showed an error, but the video still played. I reloaded the site which made it normal. The upper left side is pictured above. Read the type, which is hilarious.
Shell: Bicycling home from work, I meet an Asian man walking his bike towards me in front of the Posey Tube. He asked me where he can I get air for his bike tire. I tell him that there is air at the gas station across the street. We part our ways. This Mars dragon is called Wu. 
Shell: In front of the house, an Asian lady walks in front of Jon and I as we head down the street.  We excused ourselves and continue on our ways. Her name is Land, another dragon from Mars. 
Cross train: 4 Mums & Daughters, Ubol, Blue Dragon

2021 March 21 - changed font, added quote person and quote change for her

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