Thursday, January 28, 2016

Avatar Hand: Hand feeding squirrels

When the squirrels scrabble...I remind them to share or no one gets any peanuts.

Back from work, I carried my bicycle to my backyard flat. As I walked along the house, a squirrel on the fence greeted me. I said "Hi" and that I'll be back with peanuts. Peanuts are laid on top of the fence, though the first one is hand feed. As I held the peanut in my fingers, the squirrel sniffed, poked, and pulled back as though the peanut was invisible. The avatar of the day, me, concentrated and pulled my energy behind my hand and now the squirrel can see the peanut.

In the record, I was curious about my success today and I looked at several squirrel records for the reason. In the records, I was all sorts of colors depending on the avatar of the day. I looked closer at my hand and the avatar's energy goes right over the peanut. The squirrel can't see where my fingers ends and the peanut begins.

Good news, we finally convince an avatar Squirrel Mum to come inside for lessons. We figured out how they can see the difference between my hand and peanut even if there is an avatar energy overlap.

I also lay out peanuts for the blue jays to hide. When I feed peanuts to the crows, I ring the dinner bell. See the video below.
Now we need to get the crows some help. If the peanuts are on the ground before they get here, they blend into the green Earth energy that is a couple of inches above the ground.

Update:  Fixed verb tense and grammar. Added video of crow feeding and good news.

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