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2016 January 23-29: Seventh Planet

2016 January 23-29: Seventh Planet
Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

Quote: "Do not deny yourself what you seek...the benefits are seven fold" Fire Goddess

January 23-29, Seventh Planet - The 7th planet has seven dimensional planets that phase in and out of their world.  The picture above is a close model where the red ring is the 7th planet and the circles intersecting the red ring are the dimensional planets' orbits. As the planet circles their sun, 6 dimensional planets cycle into and out of the planet. The 4th dimensional planet is current a moon orbiting the planet. 
23rd -
Avatar history: Long ago, the fourth dimensional planet of the 7th planet was extracted out of the cycle due to an event. The Fire Goddess saw her husband and others bind themselves to the planet never to be seen again.  She has spent today and tomorrow dealing with the loss and getting better.
Avatar gift: The Goddess accepts a ring made from a strand of my heart chakra to bind us.
24th - 
Shell: Through the door window, I see the black-n-white cat on the deck. Ten minutes later, I see the same cat doing the path of the earlier cat. In the record, I see the avatar on all fours in the first cat.
Dreams: Rick and I finished riding our bicycles to meet our Dad in front of the theater. We are in the middle of a 1950's downtown park. It's like the Back to the Future set.
Cross train: 7 Mums, Ubol & Daughter, Ibol & Daughter 
25th - 
Hack: Off the toilet, ready to wash, I put my hand under the sensor-activated soap dispenser. It gives only half of the noise and soap. I start to wash my hands and hear the dispenser noise again. Without anything to activate the dispenser's sensor, one and half times the soap poops on the counter top. I came back later in the day and the dispenser worked fine.
Catch: I tripped in the stockroom and production floor and no one saw it.
Force thought: At work, four time I was pushed into dream land until I remembered to tell my avatar to defend me, which worked better than eating.
Shells: East of the Posey tube, under the 880 freeway, on the sidewalk, I encounter a tall black man in dress clothes with a camera and small Asian woman in red party dress. In the record, their timeline starts at the retaining wall and end at the Posey Tube stairs. Neither of them have avatars but are humans from the 7th planet. In their planet's timeline, a new party trick is to step through the door to our world and then back again.
Shell: Wearing a black backpack, a young brunette female stood up minutes before the train arrived at the Downtown Berkeley station. She anxious and exit quickly being the first up the stairs. In the record, she does not have an avatar nor is she a shell, she's a 7th planet human.
Timelines: When I open a 7th planet timeline it crackle with fire and I feel a slight sensation in my eyes and face. People in the record are free to interact with me while I view their timelines.
26th -
Hack/Shell/Force thought: Early at the Downtown Berkeley BART station, a blond female used the luggage gate, which forced me to ticket a pedestrian gate and use the swing gate for my bike to enter BART. The attendant raised his head thinking my ticket failed, but was force thought to continue reading his book. At Lake Merritt station, I try to exit but cannot. The attendant gives me a new BART ticket to exit the station. The 7th planet human hacked the luggage gate to enter. She also hack my gate to reject the ticket but to open the gate which is why I thought my ticket was good though the alarm sounded.
Hack: Phone screen flashes on then off.
Force thought: I thought the tub-shower was set to fill the tub, but was on teeth water jet which sent the jet off like a Wham-o water wiggle.
Dreams: As I walk around my son's class, I am talking to his first grade teacher, Mr. C. He says Jon is a good student. (Mr. C was Ben's teacher in this world.) 
27th -
Hack: At work, I use Window's snipping tool to crop a picture on the screen. The program has a small window that appears, though it disappears when you start to crop, but it didn't. The black "L" is the window's shadow which ruined the pic. I restart the program and everything is fine.
Hack: I use Adobe to print a one page document, though it came out blank. In the record, the a 7th planet human used a viewing bubble to send the print command but not the page.
Hack: At work, the light does a slow dim then back on.
Catch: I feel like I have to sneeze through my nose but it comes out my mouth instead, which was very odd.
Force thought: I fall for the wrong tub-shower setting again, but I remember this time to write about it.
Timelines: In a record, I start to examine a person I suspect when their avatar says "Hi" to me in the record. Apparently, I should not be examining folks as close as I do. The avatars have started to acknowledge me in the record to stop my examination.
Cross train: Mum and Daughter, Timeline Mum, 7th Orchard, 7th Forest, 7th Ocean, 7th Current, 7th Wind, 7th Mom 
28th -
Shell/Force thought: At 5:40 a.m, my bike and I are ready to exit the Lake Merritt BART station, when I encounter 3 teens and a wheel chair teen. They are dress in light clothes wondering where the elevator is when I point and tell them it's down the hall. It's odd for teens to be up this early and their clothes are too light for the cold weather. In the record, there are 5 kids though only four at BART. One is invisible pushing the kid in the wheel chair which does not work. I view the record and none of them have avatars because they are from the 7th planet. They used force thought to stop folks from noticing the chair was not operational. They disappear in the elevator, because no one suspects an empty elevator.
Hack: My cubicle light dims off for 3 seconds then comes back on.
Hack: The snipping tool hack was done again for good measure.
Speak: As I read the squirrel feeding post, I keep saying "dinger bell" instead of "dinner bell".
29th -
Shell: Going to the Lampshire talk, I was followed by a man to BART, while another man keep an eye on me on BART. Going back home, a young man sat by me in the handicap seats who exchanges seats for an older man. All four were 7th planet humans. 
Speak: Debra Lampshire gave a presentation on distressing voices. At one point, Debra's avatar spook, "Nanny loves me!" In the record I see her avatar inside her to use her voice.
Improvement: They fixed only half of my dinner portion to help me loss weight.
Cross Train: 7 Daughters, Nanny, Goddess of Fire

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