Friday, March 25, 2016

Isis Avatar - Zombies and Energy Bank

Quote: There are no zombies...just people who need our help.

Above in red, are the holy sites destroyed by Isis.
What I find interesting is how it is all playing out.
I remember reading how Isis forbids smoking and listening to music.
That tells me that something is using force thought to control the pawns in Isis.
And why destroy holy sites, that have no military importance unless you think like an avatar.
Avatars are all about energy.
If you can't use that energy, then get rid of it so you can replace it with yours energy to grow your bank.
If I had to guess, there is an avatar machine set in motion long ago for harvesting fear during mass extinction.
But it got smart and wants to sustain itself, thus it figured out how to create fear.

Here is another thought about the trouble in the Middle East.
The oil in the ground is the home of the oil golems.
As we breath air, they need to live in oil type soil.
We may need to put the oil back in the ground if peace is to be had in the Middle East.
Just a thought.

Update - 2016 December 29 added oil golem

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