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2016 June 1-10: Earth, Forest, and Lava Golems

Left: Closeup of Lava & Forest golems Right: She-golem up topside to check her work.

Quote: "Do not fear taking rock souvenirs from Hawaii...let our gifts be reminder of your vacation in paradise." Pele the Lavender Dragon

2016 June 1-10: Earth, Forest, and Lava Golems 
In the picture, a female Forrest golem became famous. She has two wonderful female features on her chest as she looked out an opening in her body suit. Let's examine why Earth golems, aka Bigfoot, and Forest golems, aka Bigfoot, wear a Sun suit when they walk topside. A revised pic of the forest golem suit is here.

Golems do most of their work in the Earth's crust. To verify their underground work, they visit the surface to inspect the formations. Both the Earth and Forest avatars are affected by the Sun's energy, unless they wear a Sun suit, which reflects the energy. 
In the record, the bottom drawing, is a cross section of a Forest golem in a Sun suit. The thick suit shields their bodies while the hairs deflects and radiates the Sun's energy away from the suit. 
In the record, the top drawing is a Lava golem's arm which has a dark crust with cracks that show their avatar body. Their protective skin shields the avatar from the Sun's energy and volcanic lava. When a Lava golem comes topside wearing their protective skin, no human can see them.

To confirm the Sun's energy effect on the three golem types, I allowed them to be the avatar of the day or better known as avatar substitution. When driving home from work with the car window down, my left arm was constantly affected by sunlight when Earth and Forest golems replaced my soul. When a Lava golem subbed for me, my human skin did not feel the burn of the Sun's energy provided their protective skin was turned on.

Also, note that the Forest she-golem was sent topside to do the dangerous work. In the group discussion, we reiterated that all work loads are shared equally between the male and female golems. 

The she-golem in the picture wants her name to be Hyerty, which translates to High Earth. I let her type her name to make sure we got it right.

When golems go in and out of the Earth, a churning sound is heard.  

The young golem children went through my records and found the Diglette memory. They pop in and out of the ground to mimic the Pokemon which makes Uncle David laugh.

David's Diary: The avatars were Lava golems, Forest golems, and Earth golems.
1st -
Cross train - Frances Cabrini, 3 Lava Golem Mums & 3 Daughters, Pele & Blue Hummingbird
3rd -
Shell - On the drive home, the car was stopped at Alcatraz. A scruffy dude in black walked across and carried a dirty white bag with "Aqua is life" lettering. In the record, the Black Dragon is just bizarre. The "Aqua is life" indicated the next dragon to visit.
Cross train - Pele & Ibol, Monarch Butterfly, Canadian Geese, Stripped Skunk, Millennial Oak & 2 Daughters, Namaka (Who wants to be known as the Aqua Dragon.)
4th -
Force thought/Vision Hack - In the shower, I almost forget to use my green back scrub cloth. I turned around and get the green cloth. When I hung it up, it was blue because my green one was left back at the hotel. 
In the record, a force thought was used to have me think that it was green. Next, they took a previous memory of the green one that used to hang there. With the previous memory and thought, I reached and took the green cloth though it was blue. 
Why the fuss? Avatar Frank knew I needed to buy a new exfoliating towel but neither the avatar of the day or I knew the term until we looked up online "back scrub cloth". The packages at the store used the term exfoliating towel, not back scrub cloth.
In the record, while I shopped at Andronico, Avatar Frank directed the avatar of the day down the aisle right in front of the towels. The avatar sub said, "I don't see it." and walked away. Frank facepalmed. He then tells the avatars back at the house that David needs help to figure out what he needs. 
7th -
Shell - It's 2 p.m. and time to go home. At the car, still at work, I saw a Asian female walk around the sidewalk. She wore lavender tights and carried a flower bag on her shoulder as she interacted with her cell phone. In the record, the young women has a shoulder avatar. I picked her up out of the record for a closer examination and discovered that Pele was the woman and the shoulder avatar was Namaka. Pele picked the flower bag to remind me of her flower backpack when I first saw her at the lava flow.
Shell - At the stop light on Durant, I saw a female in overalls cross Durant. She walked close to the car instead of the shorter route. In the record, Namaka gave Pele a shoulder ride.
Shell - While stopped at University, an Asian female in brown pants crossed in front of the car. In the record, Namaka gave Pele a another shoulder ride.
Shell - I finished voting and turned down Eunice from Oxford Street. I saw an older white female in lavender pants descend the steps of her house. In the record, Pele was the woman.
Shell - In the backyard, I saw a raven who waited for peanuts. I threw a container full of peanuts on the ground, though the raven stayed stillI then feed peanuts to the squirrels on the fence. I turned back around and the raven was gone. In the record, Pele made a raven that was a real raven. In each record dissection, I saw a physical raven, though something was off. I used my connection with Pele to see the raven from her eyes, and saw only a shell. Let's call this type of shell a memory shell, because a dissection revealed the animal though it was a shell. If you think of a better name, let me know. 
8th -
Kick the Can - Golem Style
On Adeline St. by Essex St., the wind blew an aluminum can is in the middle of the street. At the Ashby red light, I heard and saw the can start to cross the street in the right lane. As I crossed Ashby, the can merged into the left lane, my lane. The car miraculously drove over the can as it rolled out on the car's left side.
In my record, I saw a golem hand stick out of the pavement to strike the can. In the she-golem record, she walked through the ground and looked at the cars to time the merge. 
Avatar substitution - I drove home from work and noticed that my arm no longer hurts from being in the sun. In the record, the avatar of the day was a Lava golem who has better sun protection than a Forest or an Earth golem. See the intro for details.

9th -
Mustaches - At UCSC, I hugged my son, Ben, hello. His classes are done, as I load his college stuff in the car for the summer. When I returned, Ben showed me a fake handler bar mustache on his upper lip. The avatar of the day said to Ben:

"You should torture your Dad with that. He would like it."

Ben looked stunned and said nothing.

"That's right, I am your Dad."

Outside this universe, my Pops liked mustaches and wanted everyone to wear one including the females, except I wouldn't. Every once and a while, all the female avatars in my flat wear mustaches. I always scream "Nooooooooo!" as I grab and shake my head.
Force thought - Unknown force thoughts almost made me pass out as I drove Ben back to Berkeley.  As soon as the car was inside the City of Berkeley, the effect disappeared.
They know now - I finally told my Mom, brothers, sisters, and two sons about the blog. Surprisingly, my Mom was supportive and said that her family had similar experiences. 
10th -  
Timelines  - Heading home, I stopped for a person who crossed the street. In the record, I opened it and briefly saw a female but the imagine vanished. No matter how many times I opened the record the avatar vanished. I am allowed to leave this timeline for later examination.
Cross train - Ibol, Lava Golem Mum, Forest Golem Mum, Earth Golem Mum, Phoebe, Pele
Improvement - They found the best hand locations for my pushups. Thanks!

Perfect timing! It just came out today, June 11th.

2020 May 31 - Removed Yeti from the post. It was something I had not checked out, I just assume. Watched the Nat Geo on the Yeti and it looks like it a bear because it eats.  Golems have no need to consume food when top side.
- Also, there should be a layer of dark Leave energy held in by the hair, which I may or may not put in later.
2020 June 14 - added revised forest golem suit. Note I did this post prior to my understanding of DEM, Dark Energy & Matter.
2023 July 30 - changed font, reposted pics

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