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2016 May: Avatar Transport & Accident Avoidance

Quote:  "Avatar is the smartest way to get around. One tap and a car is created in front of you." New slogan for Gwen's foot mobiles.

2016 May: Avatar Transport & Accident Avoidance
This month was about avatar cars, motorcycles, trucks and accident avoidance.
The weekly post was replaced with a monthly diary which has fewer details. In the post introduction, I will pick a diary theme or entry and explain it in detail. The avatars still do their practice but rather not list it.

Avatar transport:
On the 19th going North on Shattuck, I am in my car sitting at a light when a blue motorcycle pulls up in the right lane. The cycle had a shadow, noise, and music that came from speakers 2/3s up the windshield. The bizarre speaker location tipped me off that it was an avatar shell, though it looked real. When the light turned green, the cycle zoomed ahead and the rider signaled a left lane change with his left arm at the 7 o'clock position. He turned and disappeared down a side street.

In the record, there are no lights on the bike which is why the White Dragon put his hand turn signal down low. That makes sense because lights require an electrical source. The music and the noise are recordings replayed on an avatar machine. I took a closer look at the bike to understand why the color was blue. Inside the avatar bike shell, the Blue Dragon pedals a unicycle of scopes for the rear wheel engine. It now makes sense why the Blue, Red, and Green Dragons are seen running so often.

I want a ride in an avatar car. I am tired of looking at them. The dragons are humans who ride on avatar machines, which means I can do it. I have just been told that I need to finish the "one with the machine" training before I can ride in an avatar car. This may take a while. I am such a slacker...LOL. 

Accident avoidance:
I have never mentioned the number of near misses through out my life. In the diary, there are two different accidents that were avoided. The accidents were caused when a human was forced thought to do an action that they would not normally do.
Why do accidents happen around me? 
There are numerous avatar micromanagers, a.k.a. male avatars, who would gladly see my physical body end which would allow them to continue to run their processes "their way".

The short list of their complaints with me are:
- How dare a human tell me what to do?
- You know nothing.
- Why have you told the humans about us?
- What have you done with our females?

The micromanagers have forgotten who the customer is, us humans, not the avatars. With the support of female avatars and dragons, management of existing avatar processes are being transferred from the males to the females. The male avatars are allowed back in only if the female avatars permit it.

David's Diary:
The avatars of the month were: Mars Moon, Neptune Moon, Earth Golems, and Lava Golems. 
7th -
Cross train - Sister & Mum Dogs, Mary Goldbloom, Mimi Baird, Lillian Tomasu, Redwood & Daughter, Princess Poodle
10th -
Shell - While walking down Marin, I passed a pink hair female who walked her bike. In the record, it was Red. She walked her avatar bike shell because she has not learned how to make a working bike shell.
Shell - On the same walk down Marin, I saw a blue outfitted female runner. In the record, Blue was instructed by White to run as fast as she can. 
11th - 
Shell - On Shattuck, in the right lane, a green car ahead of me was very slow. All of a sudden, the Para-transit bus cut across our lane and got off on a side street. In the record, Gwen drove an avatar car between me and the accident. The Green Dragon was on engine duty.
Cross train - 3 Moon Mums & 2 Daughters, MaryBeth Bernnan, Alice Paulsen, Gloria Donohoe, Moon Princess
13th -
Shell - On 7th Street in Oakland, a pink haired female walked her bicycle. It was Red.
Shell - On Shattuck while stopped at the light, a short female with red hair crossed the street. It was Blue.
Shell - Later on Shattuck, at another light, a pink haired female with a red haired dog crossed in front of the car. It was Red walking Blue.
Shell - Still on Shattuck, a jogger wore a green shirt. It was Green. 
Shell - Driving to the tire store, I saw a blue top female with a black hair dog. It was Blue walking Red. I knew it was them and made a mental joke that if she was a real dog, then where was the poop bag.
Shell - Driving down Marin to Sacramento, a female in a blue top holds the leash of a black haired dog crouched to poop on a lawn, which made me laugh. It was Blue with a poop bag for Red. All of the other dogs were real dogs, which makes sense since they can make human bodies.
Shell - Still driving down Marin, two black leather motorcyclists were parked at the Albany library. The female biker was returning the book. They were Black and White, where White decided to try out a female body to throw me off.
Shell - Right before the freeway on ramp, a green car was slow in front of me.  All of a sudden, a car in the left lane crossed our lane to get on the freeway. Number two accident was missed. Gwen drove the green avatar car, which can now travel at freeway speeds. The avatar car was with me on the freeway for several miles. Green was on engine duty.
Data - On the back road to Sactomento, Gwen took measurements of the wind energy. She also found a canal to try the water energy car.
Cross train - Blue Dragon, Red Dragon, Ubol.
Shells - Several avatar car shells were used to accompany me on the road trip to Salem.
Willamette University Tree with bench
15th - 
Shell - In Salem, on the other side of 17th street, a twenty-some male in black clothes waited for the cross walk green. When the walk sign turned green, we cross in different directions. In the record, Black has White as a shoulder avatar to blend into human society. 
Cross train - Gnat, Crow, WU Tree with bench, Willamette River, Kate, WU Guardians, State, Blue Dragon 
16th - 
Shells - On the drive from Salem to Berkeley, avatar cars, truck, and semi-trucks were doing freeway speeds. One truck, had R&B Hauling sign on the side, which meant Red and Blue were on engine duty. The green semi with one trailer had Green on engine duty, while the semi with purple lettering had Red and Blue on engine duty. 
Trap - The avatar of the day and her shoulder avatar drove the car back to Berkeley from Salem. While driving on the I-5 highway, they are pushed out of my body. I instantly popped back into my body and wondered why I was driving. In the record, a rogue avatar laid in wait to pull the avatars out of the my body while I drove. Without an avatar or soul, the human flesh has no guidance and the car would crash. After the capture of the rogue avatar, both Gwen and her partner danced a jig on top of the car.
Black Butte, CA
19th -
Shells - While leaving Alameda via Park Street, all the dragons were out. Green was a bum. Blue and Red were young females crossing the road Black was a middle aged male sitting on the bus bench. White was an old man using a cane. All of the dragons had shoulder avatars of themselves which was used to coordinate their appearances. All the shoulder avatar had threads connected to a common view bubble. The bubble viewer coordinated any last minute changes to the group.
Shell - On Shattuck, Blue pulled up along side my car on an avatar motorcycle. See the intro for details. 
Cross train - 3 Mountain Mums and 3 Daughters, Black Butte, Yuri, Mt. Shasta   
23rd -
Cross train - Olympian Daughter, Cavilers, Raptors, Thunder, Warriors
25th - 
Shell - Going home on Shattuck, I was stopped at Alcatraz. A black lady in a golden dress with hat crossed Shattuck. In the record, a GBS made a human body and crossed the road. 
Cross train - 3 Earth Golem Daughters & 3 Mum, KK, GBS
26th - 
Shell - On Independence drive, I drove by a black haired lady in a pink polka dot dress with hat who was walking on the sidewalk. In the record, I saw a human female with an avatar as her shoulder avatar. Pele has come to train, and wants to be known as the Lavender Dragon.
27th - 
Cross train - 7 Mantle Mums, Gaia & 2 Daughters
28th - 
Timelines - Gaia placed her mark on my forehead for my access to her records. 
Access key - I marked lots of Mantle men's foreheads.  
Timelines - When I open a record, I normally get a kiss on each check from the record keepers to ensure the record is valid. Gaia records are from her. When I open one of her records, I get a boob hug. Life is good!
30th - 
Shells - I saw female twins in blue and red runner's outfits.  It was Blue and Red doing work outs.
31st - 
Shell - As I drove to work, I saw an old car stop a car length from the white line at two different stop lights. In the record, Pele tries out an avatar car with Gwen at the engine.

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