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Avatar Connected: Mood Swings & How to Stop the Mood Swings

Pele, the Goddess of Fire - 'Ulalena at Maui Theater

Quote: "I can't attend Mozart's Requiem with a Bach's one big cry feast for me." David

Avatar Connected: Mood Swings
It's our 2003 summer vacation and the family and I are at the Maui theater to see the play, Pele, the Goddess of Fire - 'Ulalena. I was calm throughout the play, as I watched the actors wave a large red cloth up and down on the stage. Then the actors walked up the audience's aisle and covered our section with the red cloth. I was instantly hit with a agonizing sad pain and quietly controlled my crying. Until the end of the play, my emotions were a roller coaster. 

In the record, I saw Pele ride the front edge of the red cloth. With her arms back, she released a part of the emotional pain she absorbed from the suffering of her people. As a part of the play, all who are empathetic are stricken and suffer as she suffered.

How to stop the mood swings:
Mood swings are common for me. Let's do the numbers and see why. Everyday I have 2 new female avatars in me, which started four years.
Note that one of the females was an avatar substitution while the other was a shoulder avatar. That's 365 x 2 x 4 = 2920. If you include cross training, I have had over 3000 different female avatars in me.

I am a mood swing wreck.

I love them all and would not deny them access, though it became imperative that I learned a technique to redirect the mood swings. The hand motion is simple because the emotion is a form of energy. Your avatar is not needed to redirect emotional energy.

This technique is similar to the ahchoo post. With your fingers in front of your face, mentally and physically pinch the emotion and throw it down. You will need to do this dozens of time to reinforce the path.

Once reinforced, you can do a simple hand motion to redirect the energy. I use two fingers and mentally stick the energy on the tips. Then I swing my fingers down towards the ground. The hand swing is easy to hide out in public.

Once you perfect the hand swing, you can start a mental throw down of the energy with your mind. I hope that helps those who go through mood swings.

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