Saturday, June 18, 2016

Shoulder Avatars: Mesmerized Animals

Quote: "Whether they are maidens, minxes, or sirens...all the female avatars have no reason for clothes. Life is good!" David

It's past sunset as I stroll through Dawes Park. Through I am in Chicago for business, I have time to recruit avatars for cross training. Already, a gnat avatar has petitioned, as I see raccoons on the other side of the fence. One raccoon comes through the hole in the fence and stares above me. His head follows me as I walked past.

About two years ago, another animal was mesmerized. Before dawn, I rode my bicycle to work and came across a deer in the road. I wait for the deer to move but the doe stared way above my head. As I rode around the deer, she continued to turn her head and stared.

Let's examine my records and see why the raccoon and the deer were mesmerized.

The drawings above have different avatars in the shoulder avatar position with me in my energy bubble.

The left drawing is what the doe saw, a ten foot tall Sun Maiden with a yellow energy bubble. I switched to the deer's record for a different view and found myself talking to a Deer Mum. After some chit-chat she stated that she wanted to cross train.

The middle drawing has a Water Minx in the shoulder position. The Water Minx decided to not wear the cloak in order to attract as many avatars as possible for cross training. The male raccoon could not resist the allure of the Minx and came out in the open. Just now, there was quite a commotion at the house about the Minxes, aka Sirens. To me, they are just another group of sexy female avatars.

The right drawing shows a dull green shoulder avatar without an energy bubble, which is typical of a human with a shoulder avatar. To achieve that look, all my shoulder avatars are required to wear a hooded cloak that dulls their color and conceals their energy bubble. It is best to fit into human and avatar society and not show off.

2024 May 3 - changed font, reposted pics

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