Saturday, June 25, 2016

Avatar record: How to make a permanent record.

Quote: "Pops gives me this purple ball and does not tell me why. Really!" the clueless wonder

Avatar record: How to make a permanent record.
In the beginning, I did not read timelines. I looked at individual records given to me by avatars. Then I learned how to make a record, which allowed me to examine an event in detail. To make a record, you'll need your avatar's helping hands. Also, these records are not visible to the naked eye. You'll need your avatar's eyes to review them.

For example, I was in the store and wanted to know if a person was a human or a shell. In one hand, I would imagine a blue event ball and a red memory cube. To make the record, I would quickly flick my wrist, which combined them, and up popped a single pane record between my middle and forefingers. I would quickly review the pane and then toss it. Then, unbeknownst to me, a record avatar would collect it, which just happened with the practice ones I just did.

How did it all start?

Back in 2010, I walked down the Solano Avenue Stroll and meet an art dealer who sold the ball on a silver ribbon. I was memorized by the ball on a ribbon. I bought it. Hung it. Then stared at it for long periods of time and wondered, "Why am I staring at it?"


The ribbon's spirals were the hand motion to create my first record. In one hand, I had a ball and in the other a cube. I pushed the two together and unscrewed them from each other. Out popped a record floating in mid air, ready for review with my avatar's eyes.

Now, I can talk about the purple record I got from Pops. It was round, purple, and the size of a baseball. When I examined it with my avatar's eyes, it was not round but multifaceted. Four years later and still carrying it, I came to understand that it's the world's deadliest puzzle, which now resided in the small box in the middle of the void.

Update - 2016 June 27 - I was going to correct the memorized to mesmerized but realized it was correct in the first place. 
- 2018 August 5 - the red-blue sphere is an old image of Pandora's box which was inside of me for about 5 years. 

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