Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Avatar Revolt - It's the Female's Turn to Run Things

"You males's OK if the females run things for bit." Clueless Wonder

My sister, Dawna, sent me the video from Danielle Egnew.
My take away of the new cycle, the females will be in charge of all avatar processes.
Processes are from plant growth to galaxy arm guide.
Everything is being turned over to the females.

And it will not happen on its own.
It will be a fight similar to the take over of Venus from male rule in March of 2012.

Also, Danielle avatar popped in the living room wondering why she was here.
I asked her why she uses the term angels with her human.
She said it was easier for her to understand.
There are no angels, devils, or gods...just people, the physical body is optional.

 She does one main avatar dialogue at 2:34 and some minors ones throughout.

2020 December 13 - fixed font, need to fix video link, added avatar dialogue

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