Wednesday, August 24, 2016

2016 August - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

- I finally attended the BAHVN meeting in soul and human body. The room was safe for me to attend in person. Right before and after the meeting the avatars of the day took over. There is a reason I left my body that I have yet to explain.

- The Green and Blue Dragons attended the BAHVN meeting. In my Earth record, they had human flesh.

- It's deja vu of June 21st for Gwen. As I round Marin Circle with two other Pokemon Go hunter friends, Gwen and her lover round the circle in the opposite direction. As we cross the Los Angeles intersection, she waved to me. In the record, Gwen was the same male human body as on the 21st with her male lover in a female body.
- Further down Solano, I see a red jogger who is the Red Dragon. 
- Close to Safeway on Solano Avenue, we saw a white haired blind man with a cane almost crash into the wire sculpture artist and his human wires creation. It was the White Dragon being funny. 

- Walking up Solano at Masonic Avenue, I see a winked faced female in a blue outfit and one in a red outfit opposite of each other waiting to cross Solano. I know they are the Blue and Red dragons. In the record, I viewed a cross section of their arms and see human flesh. I view a different record and they now have dragon forms. Yeah, they are really dragons, but they took on human flesh to be here. The second record was from Mars, the Dragon planet. 

2016 August 24: Redid post that did not show in Google Plus. Nothing is new. Deleted the Gregg Braden post because all the pic disappeared. Never use snipping tool for cut-n-paste pics. 
2016 September 7: I deleted the duplicate post and added 29th comment. 
2023 November 26 - changed intro and font 

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