Sunday, August 28, 2016

Soul Possession: Dream World Access Denied

Quote: "Peace would come from the most unlikely source...the ones bless by the touch." J.C.

My Sister, Dawna, sent me a video on dream interpretation by Kevin Todeschi. Around 3:04, Kevin mentioned that the criminal psychotic do not dream.

So why? The answer is easy. 

I already know that I visit one or more dream worlds a night. When I sleep and my soul is in control of my human body, my shoulder avatar connects my dream worlds together. If another avatar controls my soul or takes full possession of my body, the connection to my dream worlds would not be found.

If the criminal psychotic were freed of the possession and trained, they would be the protectors of the world.

Why? Once touched, always in touch applies.

They would know where to find and then control the avatars that are causing the mischief in this world.

Update: 2019 October 9 - I need to look at this again. It needs clarification.

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