Sunday, August 28, 2016

Dog Planet Rescue: No Dog Kiss...Dog Possession

Dog kisses have health benefits.

Quote: "Never pass up a dog's a healthy choice." Princess Poodle

Jon came downstairs to tell me that the neighbor wanted to know how the dog watching went. We, the avatars of the day, thought it was suppose to be tomorrow. We quickly grabbed their house key and headed over to the house to see if the dog was OK. We searched throughout the house calling for the dog, only to realize that the owner has already returned and is out walking the dog. We went home and realized that we were in trouble...or were we.

In the record: 
Back at my flat, I, David, quickly sat down at my desk and pulled up the record of the house search. I hear a voice say, "You have to do this quickly. They may be back at anytime." I flew through the house record and saw a dark figure jet by me. I continued the hunt but Princess Poodle and her guards found the possessed dog soul. They took him back to the Dog Planet for a cleansing bath.

How it was figured out:
On July 16th, we had walked the same dog and he tried to attack the white dragon.

On August 13th, we returned from a Pokemon Go hunt and passed by the neighbor yard. The neighbor's dog lunged to get me.

On August 24th, we accidentally erased my emails which included the only one with the date for the dog watch. There was no other reminders to know the day.

On August 26th, we were upstairs and listened to the neighbor's instructions. We crouched down to get my usual dog kisses but the dog was neutral about kissing my face. The dog is doing the dumb blonde trick to hide who they are. I know that trick because I do it with the female avatars of the day. Force thought was used on the avatars of the day to think that the dog watch day was Sunday, not Saturday. We started to make plans for the weekend. We even told Jon that on Sunday we need to walk the dog at 7 a.m. Then Jon and avatars go Poke Go hunting. After the hunt, we bring the dog to my place for the day.

Why possess a dog?
To have access to where I live and all of the portals that are here. There are multiple barriers to pass to enter, however if they possess a person, animal or thing they can come through. I will have to key the foreheads of both animals' and people's avatar to allow passage.

- 2016 August 28 - Added forgotten part and grammar.

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