Thursday, August 4, 2016

Avatar & Pokemon: When Worlds Collide

Quote: "If I use an avatar Poke ball to catch an avatar Pokemon, will it show up on my Iphone Pokedex?" BlueDragon2401

Avatar & Pokemon: When Worlds Collide
It's a Pokemon desert in South Sacramento County. I decided to take over the only gym in  the area, which Rhydon took easily. I healed him and placed him in the gym. 

Then it happened.

I saw the gym on Earth with my avatar's eyes. It was huge as it should be, just north of the brick signage. 

In the record
Back home, I pulled out the record to understand the details. At the platform's base, I looked up and saw Rhydon and the BlueDragon at the top. She laid down on the platform and waved to me over the edge. Then she transformed to her picture pose. I examined the gym's location and found out that the Church Avatar moved the gym outside of his church. He did not mind the gym, but wanted it outside the energy bubble he created for the church. 

The Twelve Worlds
I had suspected it, but this confirmed it. Just because a planet is a frozen icicle or a fire ball does not mean there is no life on it, just not human life. How the Twelve Worlds work, I do not understand, but they are overlaid on existing planets void of any physical life. 

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