Sunday, April 23, 2017

Avatar dialogue: Rome Total War walk through

"Oh, this tower is somehow..."

Quote: "We love Jon. We want you to work for his wins." Rome Total War avatars.

Below is an avatar dialogue between Jon, a.k.a. Many a True Nerd, and his avatar. His avatar will be spontaneous, with third person language, different voice tones and mannerisms.
Jon's avatar is normal text while human Jon is italicized.
Start the video at 4:11.

"Hello...we are taking damage.
"Why are you taking damage. Who is shooting at you?" 
"I'm...not sure. Well, whatever it is, could you..." 
"Oh, this tower is somehow...  You know what guy maybe hurry up a bit, you be so kind. Just kind of start running. Let's take that tower for us. I like to start firing at the Juilii, please. There we go. Job done."

In the record, Jon's avatar noticed that his Rome soldiers were under attack, see yellow highlight in the picture. His avatar looked for the cause when he zoomed in on the tower and realized the tower was avatar hacked. Without an arrow window in the tower, arrows were still taking out his Rome soldiers. He decide to not mention it to his human, but continue on playing.
In the record, there are two female avatars in charge of the Rome Total War game. They avatar hacked the tower when he was distracted on the other sided of the castle wall.

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