Sunday, April 30, 2017

Avatar Dialogue: Skyrim Jon

Many a True Nerd walk through of Skyrim, Episode 13

Quote: "We love your walkthroughs Jon. We will always be there to help you." Skyrim Avatars

Jon, Many a True Nerd, is doing a walk through of Skyrim. There are two avatars, a male and female, helping him through the game. These avatars are different than the one that was with him in Rome Total War. It is not uncommon to have more than one avatar.

Below are times of a description or action and who said it.
To identify the avatars dialogue, look for spontaneous speak, with third person language, different voice tones and mannerisms.
The link to the episode is here.

00:34 - "No, you will never be able to defeat that frost troll..." male avatar voice
11:51 -  "My mind is telling me rats." Jon getting a thought impression from the female
12:54 -  "...all that is nice. I do like the Northern lights  in skyrim...very, very, pretty, indeed." female avatar voice
39:10 - "There must be a Skyrim door, surely." Male avatar voice

Update - 2017 April 30 - added avatar dialogue 4 identifications

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