Sunday, April 30, 2017

Avatar Hack: Rome Feint

It is the final episode of Rome Total War between Jon, Many a True Nerd, with his avatar against the game avatars that control the online game. The game avatars have a plan that Jon is unaware of.
Jon and his avatar are the Brutii faction in green while the female avatars control the Rome Senate army in purple.

Quote: "I, Jon's avatar, promise to treat the game avatars with more respect that is due their abilities." Jon's avatar.

At 4:25, the Rome Senate General charged in the opposite direction of the battle to draw off the Brutii cavalier, which spared many Roman soldiers for the next battle.
At 25:09, one of Rome's general escaped the next battle. Jon's avatar knows that he will be Rome to face his final demise.
At 25:35, Jon is ready to besiege Rome and it is empty. None of the fleeing army returned to Rome. Jon's avatar searched all around Rome for the rogue general and army.

At 39:15, the residing Roman solder were feed to the dogs.

In the play through at 25:47, Jon's avatar asked the game avatars to train up some Roman army for a proper ending of his series.
In the record, the two females and male avatar who control the Rome Total War game knew what Jon and his avatar were up to. They decided not to have a general or any soldiers in Rome for the frenzied dog feeding, but relinquished when he asked.
I am re-watching Jon's Rome Total War play through. There were many avatar game changes that I missed that were quite amusing to now see.
Note: 2017 April 30 - The line spacing is wonky. I am tired of trying to fix it.

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