Sunday, April 30, 2017

2017 April - Dragon Diary

Diary: It's my homework and I need to do it, though I spend no time on it. It will be rough and may never be cleaned up, though I may extract a piece and give it its own post. The goal...just post it.

Quote: "Corruption, view bubbles on Dog planet, and hacked gym battles...just the norm." Clueless Wonder

Note: For some reason I am able to say what the human's avatar corruption is. It would make sense, once touched always in touch. If their avatar is guiding them then I can go all the way back to their avatar. 

2nd - Dog planet get viewing bubble for the dog people to keep track of the dog activity on Earth. 

10th -11th  - Did a co-talk of voices at Dominican University. Introduced surround voice concept.

16th -  Pokemon - seven day streak hacks

19th - Gym battle: GPS move error

21st - Gym battles: Force thought wrong item for healing then asked by Blue is anything was wrong, vanishing Pokemon, force thought forgot to heal Pokemon, otherwise clean.
- Dog planet has instituted Venusian view bubbles for their dog on Earth.

28th - We, the avatar of the day, finally understand that we did the week on our own regardless of who came before and after. We now realized that we need to work with the other avatars for smooth transitions to learn what is human.

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