Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Avatar Hack: Nuka World Salute

"Oh, You want to have your helmet off in order to salute" 

Quote: "We appreciate Jon and all his work. We are sorry for not giving him better drops." Fallout game avatars.

Another avatar dialogue with Jon, a.k.a. Many a True Nerd, and his avatar. His avatar was spontaneous and a faster talker. The human Jon was slower in speech, as though he had to reset his thoughts after his avatar interrupted him.
Jon is in italics, while his avatar is normal text.
Start the link before 1:10.

"Okay. You just make your mind up whether you want to have a helmet on. It fine, I don't mind either way."

" to do, grab a star core here. Now, there is one more star core somewhere..." 

"You going to have your helmet back on in a second. Oh, you want to have your helmet off in order to salute. Got it."

" we got explosive..." 

In Jon's record, Jon''s avatar noticed another avatar hack but had his human play on through.
In the game's record, there are two male and one female avatars that guide human players through the Fallout series of online games. They saluted him to show their appreciation to both Jons for all their walk through videos on the Fallout series.
2024 May 3 - changed font, reposted pic

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