Saturday, May 6, 2017

Avatar of the Day list for 2016

Each week, I allow a different avatar group to experience life as a human as the avatar of the day. Below is the list for 2016.

Quote: "We waited way to long to do's time we help." Golem Queen

January: Crow Queens, Timeline Hand maidens, Mars Dragons, Four moons, 7th Planet

February: Uranus, Neptune, Avatar Third Planet, Gorgeous Black Sisterhood (GBS a.k.a. GWB), dance partners a.k.a. female avatar leaders

March: First planet, Keepers of Books, Pyramid Builders, Wind avatar

April: Avatar High students, Avatar High and friends, Migration, Celestial Arm maidens 

May: Dog planet, Neptune moon, Mars' moons, Earth golems 

June: Lava golems, Air minx, Water minx, Air golems 

July: Ice golems, Sand golems, Swamp golems, Savannah golems 

August: Highland golems, Coastal golems, Tropical golem, Rock Glyph golems, Coal Deposit golem
27th - The light in the cubicle comes back on. It's been off for months. I had to turn it off when I left work.
28th - The light does not turn on.

September: Hidden Valley golems, Coal deposit golem, Sea Bed golem, Atlantic Ridge line golem, Atlantic Ridge line south golem 
Hidden Valley golems: 
3rd - At the SacAnime, I spotted a thin red haired boy in plain dress and a thin female in swim suit. Both looked out of place. In the record, both avatars have flesh bodies.
7th - The light was on but I did not notice it. The avatar holding the green potential line for the avatar hack let go to allow the light to blink. I saw it and realized there was work I had to do in the dark corner and proceed to do it. I had to turn the light off.
7th - At the house, a squirrel mom is very close to my physical body. The squirrel avatar remarks that the golem avatar are just like them, small and skinny. The squirrel avatar was convinced to come inside and see the house.
8th - The light was back on. I had to turn it off.
11th - The light acts normal.
14th - The light is on, though it flicker once. 

October: Pacific Rim golem, North Pacific Rim golem, Pacific Northwest Rim golem, Pacific Northeast Rim golem, Pacific West Rim golem
Ocean floor golems:
20th - excellent work on the force thought

November: Pacific West rim golem, Japan golem, Japan volcanic golem 

December: Sing-Malay golem, NZ trench golem, AUNZTI trench golem, Eastern AU trench golem

- 2018 April 15: changed golem to avatar

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