Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Avatar Hack - Cubicle light

  Light on the left, blue arrow, came back on today.

Quote: "Pausing the light is the only thing he let's males do." Male Avatar Student

I, the avatar of the day, settled in to my cubicle to start work.
I flipped both lights on knowing the left one is out.
As I started my email I heard a flicker off to my left.
I slowly turned my head and saw the left light was back on which has been off for months.
I busted out laughing, realizing today they are replacing burnout bulbs at work.

In the record, my cubicle has been replicated for avatar class room experiments in hack, force thoughts, and thought impressions. Every morning I turn on the lights. Every morning I sense an avatar place their finger on the circuit between the switch and the light activation to block the white light's circuit.

The light was back off.
Using the shoulder avatar, I sensed a person who held the light circuit off. 

In the record, the ability to short circuit a electric light can be used to short out any other electrical system. This ability can be used on car designed to be bombs. A post will be done on this.

2017 May 31 - added light is off photo
2017 June 5, the light is staying on permanently now. The male avatar student have finally figured out that they can do more than just hold a light.  
2018 August 19 - added in the record. 
2024 May 3 - changed font, reposted pics

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