Saturday, May 20, 2017

Earth Energy - Velvet Hands

Right: Fingers pressed together compress the green Earth energy between your fingers.
Left: Adding a wire mesh, channels away the energy allowing your flesh to touch itself.
 Quote: "You are almost there." Human Evolution Box Man

In the record, when I press my hands together, I compress the Earth energy, but never touch my flesh.

When I press my hands together on the wire mesh, the Earth energy is compressed by my hands' as the wire channels the energy away which allows me to touch flesh to flesh.

The answer to the hint, "When was the last time your skin was soft?", is when you were a baby.

In a record, I looked at me picking up a baby with my bare hand against the baby's skin. I saw my green Earth energy absorbed by the baby's avatar remnant, which allowed our flesh to touch each other.

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