Sunday, May 21, 2017

Pandora Strand - Sand World

Pandora box strand - Sand world was created by a drowned soul of the Flood.
Quote: "It happened so quick...none of us escaped." Schismed Soul

"Don't drown anyone."
"Ha, ha...very funny."
"We are in."

The roar of sand waves breaks the silence of the strand transport.
I look off to my right and see Blue, Red and White Dragons run down the wave of sand.
As I levitated high, the wave crashed over me.
My part was to distract because I can...a house size sand hand closed around me...Pop!
I instantly teleported out back of the wave. Another sand hand reached after me. I dodged the grab and saw the Dragons below set the soul trap for capture.

In the record, the goal is to save everyone, which means going down every Pandora stand to reunite the schismed souls. Sand world was the result of the Flood which schismed all the immortals who drowned.

The soul tether worked. With the help of my shoulder avatar, I remembered my experience in this strand. The more strand records I collect, the faster the deadliest puzzle can be solved. 

Update - 2017 June 5 - added sand hand

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