Sunday, May 14, 2017

Transport Avatars: Earth Energy Tethers

Sky transport avatar locking Earth energy around the airplane for human flight.

Quote: "We will aid humanity on your journeys...even to the stars." Transport Avatars

In my body, the avatar of the day boards the Southwest flight for Chicago. As my body buckles in, I, my soul outside of my body, goes up on top of the plane to greet the transport avatar of our plane.
As the plane taxied for take off, the sky avatar reached out her arms and summoned up a field of Earth energy to encompass the plane. As the plane takes off, the energy field narrow into a tether.

In the record, humans need Earth energy surrounding their bodies for good health and well being as they travel in the skies.

In the early days of ocean ship travel, nautical figurehead were on the bow ocean ships.
Just like air travel, a ocean ship avatar gathers Earth energy around the ship to ensure the tether of Earth energy was always available for human travel on the open seas of water energy.

2018 December 2 - With more transport avatars available, there are two to four per plane for added comfort of human air travel.
2023 July 30 - changed font, reposted pics

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