Monday, October 26, 2015

Remnant & Shoulder Avatar: Your Higher Self

"We are here to help guide you through your human life." Shoulder Avatar Guild

I am at the checkout stand at Andronico's Market. A crying boy is pushed, back and forth, in a stroller by his mom who is busy talking. I see the boy look above me. The boy instantly stops crying, shakes his head in astonishment, as a deep voice mentally inquires, "Who are you?" I ignore his question and put groceries on the belt because the boy's avatar asked my avatar who she is.

At birth, a portion of the avatar, a remnant, is paired with a baby. It remains inside the torso and head of the baby throughout childhood and the teens. As the child grows older, the remnant becomes the physical shape of the maturing child. Around puberty, the remnant moves to the shoulders. The shoulder riding picture, minus the rider's leg, is the location of an avatar when they are guiding us through adult life.

You and your avatar are already a team. Don't be shy ...get to know each other.

"Your higher self" translate literally.
The creator's remnant created your soul which later pops out of your body to sit on your shoulders. Your soul is in your body, but your shoulder avatar sits on your shoulders. Therefore your higher self is the shoulders avatar that is sitting on your shoulders.
Do you get it?
Your higher self, shoulder avatar, is above your body where your soul resides.
Get's higher.
Yes, there are many such literally translation that make you wonder what is really going on.

2017 December 29 - added higher self...LOL, fixed wording
2020 April 29 - changed quote and title, added link
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