Wednesday, September 7, 2022

2022 May - Dragon Diary

 It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"Look, you have to trick me to put it on. Otherwise I will not use it." Clueless Wonder talking to the student trickster who used thought form to help me.

Overall: Normally folks learn to walk when you are a baby. You crawl in the brown Earth matter collecting green Leaf energy. When you finally stand up, you become a walking tree. Yes, the human race are walking trees.

1st - I looked at my left foot and see a milk DEM. I look at my right foot and see nothing, though my leg has yellow Gaia energy.  I raise my right hand up to summon from the Earth yellow energy to make a stilt for my right foot to walk on. In the record, I need to learn how to walk again with Gaia and Milk DEM on my legs versus the brown Earth matter everyone uses. 
 - Milk DEM make a Moo DEM sound.

2nd - Well out shopping, I see Bart is observing how I am doing.  In the record, perhaps I need to try harder to fix my limping. In the record, I, Bart, wanted to see who was screwing with David.

15th - I use my cross country skiing pattern to help me walk again. In the record, even without poles your hands can pull up dark matter to act like a pole for support and walking. The pic is from here.

16th - Updated 2021 November - Dragon Diary  
- Last 3 days I watched the Terminator Dark Fate movie. In the movie they mention a "kill box" to trap and destroy the attacker.  
- I finished the December post and remarked that I knew who did the DEM worm stuff on me by the way the golem staff undid the line. I am done with the post. I grab the water on the desk and say out loud, "I have the water." I proceed down the two step and almost fell multiple times. Water is everywhere. In the record, the trap work. He is in it and that is all I get to look at it otherwise he will figure out how to get out. 
17th - It is amazing. It is as though I can walk again. In the record, I had no idea how much that DEM being was screwing with me. In the record, I am not really worried about what another human can do to me. Let's face it, they are only working with 5% of everything here. Whereas DEM being can use 95% of everything here.

19th - It is late at night and I need to pee yet again. My ability is not quite right. I had been given vision of stabbing my baker's cyst with the golem shaft but it still does not make sense. I insert the shaft with the wiggle strand into the back of my knee and let the rest of the shaft fuse with the back of my lower right leg. Once fused, it seem to sustain a DEM stilt for me to walk. In the record, there is more to it then I think.

27th - I am standing by the truck yet again wondering if my right feet will move. I fire up the golem shaft and feel the burn. I combine the moo DEM and twist the two together with strand of wiggle energy.  Immediate I walk. It worked. I can walk again. In the is like starting an engine. Little did I know the golem express I wanted was going to the golem walk.  Oh well...
2022 September 13 - Added out loud 
2022 October 3 -  changed the intro to fix iPhone formatting error
2022 November 13 - added trap labels
2023 July 15 - reposted pic

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