Friday, September 30, 2022

2022 September - Dragon Diary

 It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"Our lines are there for you to read." Mercury Library maidens.

Overall: The left hip and knees are healing, a.k.a. new DEM walk, but slowly.
6th - Mercury maidens came by for a visit. Back in April of 2012 we did a selfie timeline shot so I could do the pastel drawing. In the record, I had access to the timeline records of all the planets but never figured it out. This will help in doing the index.

8th - An earthquake hit China and humans died. I briefly look over to the golem king of the area and was given the finger. In the record, well at least it happened during the day.  When I looked I saw some of the king's followers have their head down in shame. It is interesting to see not every DEM being is on board to help the human race. 

11th - An earthquake hit Berkeley, small but packed a quick punch. In the record, it was a failed escape.
- My uncle said that he heard it before it hit. When I think about it, the earthquake did have a sound just prior to the shake. 

12th - I was asleep on the living room, when my DEM soul saw my DEM Uncle's soul come down to awake me. His movement was fast. In the record, I guess I am working on sensing is there is a DEM being approaching me in my sleep, a.k.a. sleep DEM sensing.

14th - I replied to a family newsletter question: Got any special method for keeping cool? Yes. Take cold showers instead of hot showers. It seems contrary until you take a clairvoyant look at hot showers which I wrote about in my blog. I will not get into the details, which you can read in my blog. The gist is that humans destroy the DEM, Dark Energy & Matter, layer on our body by taking hot showers. This layer adds both hot and cold resistances to our bodies. You all know I am right really do know...because when we were kids we wondered why our parents kept trying to protect us playing outside when we were just fine in both hot and cold weather. In short, when we were young we had an intact DEM layer on our bodies. The adults destroyed their DEM layer through chronic use of water heated by fire when taking a shower. The good news is that you can regain your DEM layer by gradually switching to cold showers. 
In the record, I am trying to be open about my abilities.
- Also from the newsletter:  Did you have to parallel park to get your first driver's license? I don't remember. I am not even sure which car it was I took the test in. Maybe it was the VW van? I seem to remember it was the van. I remember having an issue getting the van in reverse. I can see a person with a chart. So it was the van. I forget or I was not aware of it during the test.
In the record, it would seem that perhaps I was not the person taking the test. Ibol was definitely helping out. Thanks. 
22nd - not a single comment from any reader. Not one. I really do want to answer questions that you may have. I promise not to bite.  

23rd-25th - The DirecTV was avatar hacked. Pause did previous channel. Bottom preview bar popped up continuously. Fast forward and rewind worked for a second. Deleting the show at the end of view was not permitted. In the record, I should have recorded it but I was not sure what was happening.

 26th - DirecTV works just fine now.
- LOL. Pokemon Go was avatar hacked.  See above pics. 
2023 July 15 - reposted pics

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