Thursday, September 22, 2022

What make a human person unique... it is their DEM soul.

"We cherish our human babies as though they were our own." Soul Parent Council
 Above pic is from MSNBC

The pro-life vs pro-choice debate.

 This is a post about the abortion argument, pro-life vs pro-choice debate.  
To understand the argument, folks need to know when does a soul enter into a person and what is a soul made of.

What is a human soul made of?
From my clairvoyance, the soul is made of Dark Energy & Matter, DEM. It would also answer the question why folks have yet to find their soul because we have yet to find DEM. For a human soul, the combination of DEM soul in a physical body makes a person unique inside this universe, forever immortal.
When does a soul enter the physical body?
The answer is at birth as mentioned in the human soul development post. No two soul can exist in the same physical body at once. The proof I submit is avatar substitution.  Unless you are in your human body, one cannot remember any timeline event. One can always look it up in the Mercury Library if you need to know of the event. Also, a soul parent can influence the fetal development, but can not enter the fetus.

What does this mean? 
Until a baby is born, there is no soul in the unborn baby in the mother's womb. 
At birth, the remnant is channeled into the baby by the soul parents via the birthing mother. 
Until the remnant rises up at adulthood, the human soul is not complete. 
Let me say that again...
Until the remnant rises up at adulthood to become our shoulder avatar, the human soul is not complete. 
This would also explain why most of us do not remember our childhood because the soul parent's remnant was in our human body helping us grow up to be an adult human. 
Again review the human soul development chart.

What makes a human person is their DEM soul.

2022 September24 - added shoulder avatar
2023 July 15 - reposted pics

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