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2016 March 12-18: Keepers of Books, Mercury Branch

Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

Quote: "If you read a book and see the pictures in you're viewing the timelines of our library." & "Slow down and read...the book's scenery fills in better." The Book Head Mistress.

2016 March 12-18: Keepers of Books, Mercury Branch
Old Library - When I was told they were the book keepers, I ask, "Do you have the Library of Alexandria?" They nodded yes and presented me a scroll in a language I don't understand. With my avatar's eye, I see the scroll's timeline and start to hear the English translation of the scroll's conversation. Remember, if it's published, anyone has access to those timelines. The book keepers reside on Mercury.
Book Visuals - The keeper make the visual scenery of the books. To show how it works, they asked me to read a section of a book. I picked up the 7th volume of Harry Potter and read the section where the Phoenix Order enters the back door of the Dursleys' kitchen. When I read, I see an open door with people entering and moving around the kitchen table. While holding that visual, I do a 360 degree view and see any part of the kitchen. The keepers use the author's visual images to build the initial scene and update it with the reader's visual images.
12th -
Discussion - The Hamster Mum has decided to help fight the collectors. Yet again, the meekest avatars are the first to take the charge. I ask myself, "What are the cats and dogs doing?" Off in the distance, I hear the grumbling of domestic animals.
13th -
Timelines - At the house, with today's avatar in my body, I take a dump on the toilet. Suddenly, I am in my body in a meadow on a real throne with a guard on my left. I side thought to the guard, "Am I on a throne?" She's a GBS, who is a he, and side thoughts back, "Deal with it!" I see men with dog faces who want to talk. In that dimension, dressed as royalty, I say, "You know, I am naked." The guard explains that I have nothing to hide. The Dog men want access to the flat to help fight. I say, "Sure, why not." In a line, 13 men get down on a knee waiting for a blessing on their forehead. As I see one forehead, I see them all and bless them with one sign. I hear their confusion and tell them, "Yeah...I got a lot of hands.", as we vanish from the meadow. Today's avatar finishes the dump.
A key on an avatar's forehead is needed to pass through the barrier around my flat. In the record, I look at the dog men and they are real men with dog heads. Also, my guard had a German Sheppard head, while I had a Beagle head.
Improvement - As for the throne, they need to be tossed. I had a mental talk with the GBS and asked to be put on bench, ground, or something that puts everyone at the same height and is inclusive, which she did the next time. Thanks
Cross Train - 6 Daughters & Mum, Kikky, Gloria M. D. Benson, Christine M. Casey, Lake Merritt Mum who is a GBS

14th - 
Hack - I full size the anime screen, which is blank. I reload the page and it was fine. In the record, the avatar chose to show the blank screen and skip the timeline of the video source.
Hack - The light went off, then on at work. In the record, I see an avatar flicks its finger back and forth. 
Catch - My foot was caught in an empty hallway at work.
Force thought - At work, one version puts me to sleep while the other one distracts me from work.
15th -
Shell - On my hike up and down Marin, I encounter a black hair female and her dog. In the record, I see a female avatar inside the dog shell.
Prank - I start to sneeze at home for no reason. I check the avatar of the day's location and find a nose tickler up her right nostril. The prankster removed it and I stopped sneezing.
Force thought - I was put to sleep but I fought back and rung my energy bubble with my avatar's shield.
Cross train - 3 Daughters, Pat A. Avery, Beth M. Morell, Margy B. Wallace, Hamster Avatar & Mum

16th -
Hack - At work, I open the browser and I get the robot check message. I close and restart and everything is fine. In the record I hear the avatar sing, "I am a robot, happy happy robot...", as she flicks the message up. 
Hack - At work, I opened the master calibration spreadsheet and it was blank. I calmly closed and reopened it and everything was there. In the record, the avatar choose a timeline that opens the program but bypassed the file. 
Catch - In QA, around everyone, I was tripped and no one noticed.
Force Thought - There seems to be three different types of force thoughts used on me today: sleep, desire, and distract. When I acknowledged each one, they stopped it, which was nice.
Shell - Driving  home on Independence drive, two crows fly up the tree and caw at me. In the record, I see two avatars in crow shells wondering if I saw them.

17th -
Hack - At work, I rename a file, which failed. I close every program and file and still it does not work. In the record, there is a list of potential timeline and the avatar continues to pick that error message.

18th -
Hack - Before I leave work on Friday, I delete all emails, which worked but didn't. I even check the exchange which is empty but the CC folder still shows the count of 45 emails. In the record, the avatar stopped the update from the exchange to my computer. 
Hack - Light was turned off for 2 seconds then on. In the record, I hear an avatar say now to turn it back on.
Catch - My foot was held in a deserted break room.
Force Thought - Both distract and sleep were used until I told the avatar on my shoulder to ring the bubble with the shield. 
Dragon - As I do my hike up Marin Avenue, a man on the other street side jogs up Marin. He has on bizarre black jogging outfit, but it's Berkeley so I don't give it a second thought. Together, we both jog/hike up to the top and go back down. In the record, I am talking to the Gray Dragon, who reminds me to look at the puzzle he gave me. He wants to be changed to the Black Dragon.
Improvements this Week - I used a glass of soapy water to clean the sharp scissors. I found a better way to knock bird seed out of the feeder for the ground feeding birds. Thanks
Cross Train - 2 Daughters & Sister, Bess Songe, Gnat Cloud Avatar & Mum, Rock Dove, Blue & Red Crow Queen 
2024 May 3 - changed font, reposted pics

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