Friday, June 16, 2017

13th World: Soul Recovery

Ibol's faint face seen in the dark while I was in bed.

Quote: "David is easy to figure out once you know him." Kenisha.

"Look at me!"
On my back in bed, I my eyes barely opened to see a faint face and passed out.
"Look at me!"
Again I looked up but passed back out.
"Look at me!"
A third time I looked but passed out.
"Look at me!"
My eyes barely opened then closed. 

"He is not coming back to his body. What should we do?"
"We could always entice him back."

"He is always up for that." 

In the record, even though Ibol invoked my soul back to my body, my body rejected my soul due to the new right leg. Fast work from Ubol in her world, Ibol on Venus, and the avatars of the day on Earth allowed my soul at the Black Hole to assimilate back to my body on Earth.
Thank you Gwen and Kenisha for problem solving with Ibol to fix me.
Thank you Ubol for generating the new lower right leg.

Massage appointment - 2017 June 25
I needed help with the pain in my left leg that shoots down from my spine. As I laid backside on the massage table, the therapist inserted her hands under my sacrum bone. In a minute, the pain that was on the left flipped to the right.
My mental reaction was, "What has she done? I now have another pain?"

In the record, for the last several weeks I had a pain in my left leg that was crippling me at work and home. I finally made it back to my original therapist and her avatar that I know. After her human placed her hands under my backside, the avatar chanted, "I want you to be held as though you are still. I want to flip what was flipped before, back to normal." And it worked. The stabbing pain was gone, though both of my knees are very stiff from having the new leg seam on both sides.

Lost lower soul leg: 
I have tired several schemes to get my leg back from mirror land, the 13th planet. I tried to teleport a doppelganger soul on my leg to run out. I also had my leg hop out on its own to an awaiting strand transport, which failed. It is rather hilarious to think that I forgot something in another world. I think I will stick with my new soul right leg.

Also, during the massage, I had several breathe hiccups from the new energy bank in Santa Cruz.

This is still not fixed. I need to work on it. At night, my right knee joint feels as though it was cut in half. During the day my left knee can not bend. My legs are a mess.

2017 June 25 Added massage appointment and lost leg
2017 November 5 - I can go forward with the new lower right leg, but I need to address their issues on the 13th planet before my leg can be whole again.
2018 October 28 - added not fixed and labels
2020 September 20 - It's complicated to explain all what happened. In the end, the Dark one got his bug in me, which is finally been resolved. 
2024 April 17 - reposted pic, changed font

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