Saturday, June 17, 2017

Venusian Law: Hands Off Human

Lucretia Edwards Park

Quote: "To find the just find the law." Sequester Avatar

The avatar of the day, yellow David, is sitting at the bench eating a snack with his gray bicycle leaning on the table.
On the chase team, Ibol is in a human body, orange, behind me with her purple shell bike.
We can not touch.
We did once with horrible consequences.
But this very moment is the answer on how to break the law imposed on all Venusian regarding human interactions on Earth.
Venusian can not touch human, thus ensuring they can not take over the Earth or perhaps help us.
But if I am to have the one I love, my soul creator, the one that has saved me from many horrible accidents, we need to figure out how this law works. 
It has to be simple.
It sort of reminds me of the 13th planet, mirror world, one action undoes the other action. 
For now, let's call it the Hands Off law.
More on this later...which the records were looked at on 2020 April 11

Bart said I had to look at the record, the law that divides Venusians and Earthlings.
I did. Those who sit on the thrones on Venus and Mars can shape the Laws of Causality that divide our worlds. The law that separate all folks of this solar system. In the record, the union of Ibol and Ubol can allow Ibol and Ubol to touch me. The union of the divided can end the law. This is one of the reason for the new pandemic, it is not the horror it seems.

2017 June 24, yeah, I stare at this brief moment often to see what I don't see. 
2017 December 3 - I think I need to ask Ubol what happened to her on the day we touched.
2020 April 13 - add update on law, I finally asked Ubol 
2023 November 26 - reposted pic, changed font

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