Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Avatars: The Good, The Bad, and The Stuck

If you think your micro manager at work is stuck, just wait until you get to the avatar world.

I have delayed writing about the question, though I put it out there when I did the windstorm post. There is a reason I use the term "people without bodies" to describe avatars. Avatars do not behave any better than humans.

Many avatars have the view that a human death is of no consequence. At death, the soul keeper scope up the soul and take it to the next world. Whether we live or die in this world is of no differences to the avatars. Others avatars view each human life as precious, not to be thrown away. Let's go back to the windstorm and see the two views in action.

Photo by Steve Bloom/The Olympian via AP
In the photo, a fallen tree barely missed a women who had gone to bed early. In viewing the avatar's record, I can see the tree avatar checking with the woman's avatar to ensure that the human will not move before the tree's energy flow is cut. The tree has to fall but there is no need to kill a human for the event to occur.

Photo from Snohmish County Sheriff
The next photo is a tree that hit a passing car killing the driver. In a prior post, I stated that the deaths had the "hallmark precision of an avatar". If the car is traveling 30 mph and a one foot area on the car needs to be hit by the falling tree, the window of opportunity is only 0.03 seconds.

And why did the deaths have to happen?
"Where there is a violent storm, there is always death." was the answer the storm avatar was given by her brother who committed the three killings. I have never seen an avatar cry so much as she for human deaths.

So there you go...avatars are just people without bodies.

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