Saturday, November 21, 2015

Storm Avatar: Northwest Windstorm Chaos

Northwest Windstorm - photo by Doyle Wheeler
Quote: Even in a storm...chaos happens.

High in the clouds, a storm avatar matches timelines to the present storm conditions. In a flash, a black streak touches three lines that cannot be changed. As the lines merge into reality, three fallen trees bring forth human deaths, none planned by the storm avatar. The deaths have the hallmark precision of an avatar bent on killing.

The storm avatar, her maidens, a forest avatar and I discuss a tree fall and look at the three tree timelines. The forest avatar explains that a tree avatar monitors several trees through a daisy-chain energy flow.  Before a tree can fall, the flow is cut and rejoins the remaining trees. The weather conditions now determines the tree's fate. The tree's storm timelines shows all three energy flows were cut premature of the expected fall. Once cut, little can be done to change the altered timelines.

After some discussion, the forest avatar agreed to add their own energy flow on all potential tree falls. To avoid surprises in the storm area, humans and their avatars will be added to the storm timelines, with avatar substitution being plan B.

The big one is coming...cross your heart and hope not to die, stick a needle in the black timeline.

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