Monday, February 1, 2016

Why do we have shoulder avatars?

"We welcome the emotions of the human race, for it is our future." Ibol

Well, I was perplexed why other people in this universe do not have shoulder avatars. After some thought, I came up with four reasons why Earth humans have avatars. They are:

1. Earth is the slum of the universe.
Two Mondays ago, a young brunette female from the seventh planet was anxious to leave the BART train. As I saw her sprint up the stairs, I realized that she was afraid of us.
In the record, imagine you are in a train full of zombies, a.k.a. inactive shoulder avatars. It would give you the willies.

2. No one wants to deal with us much less touch us.
Questions arose about human shoulder avatar when other non-Earth people arrived without shoulder avatars. Then I thought, "Why would the Venusians use bubble viewers instead of actually being on us?" In the record, it was not just about having emotions. The Venusian distanced themselves to spare us their contamination. Thanks for doing that.

3. There is no way we are going to leave this planet alive.
I look at my body with my avatar's eyes and see a green hue surrounding it. This energy comes from the Earth and thinly covers the physical body. We need the Earth's energy for the physical body to survive. In the record, the transport avatar will accommodate space travel, though the 2nd coming may need to be a prerequisite for extended travel outside of the Earth. In the record, the 2nd coming is a change in your soul, a.k.a. Dark Energy. 

4. All the universe is coming to us to solve their problems.
The universe needs our help, because human have emotions. Avatars rule the timelines, but are trapped by them. Imagine you see the perfect path from your knowledge of the timelines. Now try and take a different path other than the perfect one. Why would you take any path than the perfect line? Of course, you would not take any path other than the perfect line, because it is the one. Do you see the avatar box they're trapped in? Avatars can't do a mistake, thus they never learn. They lack emotions to try something new. In the record, it's more complicated, but it's the reason in a general sense.

Of all the things the avatars practice, process improvement is the most important. When they are me, they need to make a small change to improve a process. Every time an avatar does a change, they're a step closer to becoming human.

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