Saturday, June 3, 2017

2017 May - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote: "Soul tethering, pulled muscles, witches, and speaking dog...yeah it only get better." Clueless Wonder.

3rd - Avatar of the day practice hacking

5th - Avatar of the day practice catch

10th - At the visitor's desk in Midway Airport I bump in to a white male knocking down his luggage. In the record, the White dragon is part of the follow team for the Chicago trip. 
I have yet to figure out if I should be talking to them.

12th - Blue Dragon got her 3K Blissy stuck in a gym in the Midway airport. In the record, The red team lead by Ubol tricked Blue to put her Blissy in a gym far far away. Blue's Blissy could take out 2.5 dragons in a gym battle, but is now trapped in a distant land. Well done Ubol.

18th - Lots of crows were out on every street. I am at the post office and the only other person there was Ibol, in a flesh body. We talked a bit, which was nice. In the record, for Ibol to get her timing right, she used the crows for surveillance.

19th - At an AME event in Modesto, I had several breath hiccups in the hospital. The energy bank wave is from Sacramento.

20th - Doing the velvet hand post I finally talk to another Box man, Human Evolution. That is why the wire mesh channels away the Earth energy.
- British Isle avatars are visiting this week.  As the avatar of the day took a stroll down Solano for Pokemon hunting, a woman walking a dog said to me, "Hello fellow Hogsmeade witch." I waved not knowing what to think.  In the record, the dog, woman and shoulder avatar were shells. I need to talk more instead of being shy.
- I tried my first attempt to speak dog. I think I can do it, I just need to channel the beagle I am on Dog planet.

24th - In a soul tether, the Pokemon Gym are wild.
- Went on another Pandora strand, and it fail apart but I was tethered so I could record it.
- Soul tether tends to lead to pulled muscles. I now have a roll out stick by the bed.

26th - English Isle Witches plan on three energy banks, Ireland, Scotland, England.

28th -  At the store with Mom, a man touched a newborn and it started to cry.  In the record, a newborn is a new slate for energy, the remnant cry to get rid of the energy of the man.

30th - The light was back on then off in my cubicle.
- A strand journey went bad. I now have my soul's lower right leg stuck a in 13th World.
In difficult worlds I will need to tether to ensure my safety. Thank you Ubol, Ibol, and Ibol's shoulder avatar for creating my new soul's lower right leg. What is odd, once touched, always in touch applies to my imprisoned leg.
- When I examined the record, a Box man person held my hand to open the record.

2017 June 3 - Change strand to 13th world
2017 June 4 - added the 28
2017 June 5 - grammar 
2018 January 14 - added labels and location 
2023 November 26 - change intro and font

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