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2022 December - Dragon Diary

  It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"He has to walk before he can run."Golem Queen

Overall: Yes I am slow to figure out stuff, but that is what is important. I need to figure it out.
- The crow, a.k.a. the Orange Many Hands female, is back to keep an eye on me, like every day. Very odd. I asked her for a name, which she replied, "Sexy". In the record, I am very shy to talk about sex. I blame my Catholic upbringing. If you think about it, the whole universe is about sex. Planets are just eggs waiting for a comet sperm to land and make that world fertile.
1st - Updated post: 2022 October - Dragon Diary 
- At the support group meeting, someone mentioned that they revisited their trauma timeline to relive their trauma in a different way, which made it the emotional force of the trauma go away. In the record, this is brilliant.  People can make a prescription for their trauma by rewriting the DEM mark.  When a trauma occurs, it happens in time and space and leaves a DEM mark on you. Remember that to make something it happens in time and space, a short timeline. If you revisit that timeline, a.k.a. a memory, rethink how you wanted to turn out. Do that multiple times and it should rewrite the trauma form.

6th - I finally meet the dark box man.  Once the schismed solar system leader was un-schismed, she started to undo the may things she did. This alerted the dark box man of her being unleashed. Now he is coming for me. We have been talking, mainly one way.

7th - At CNN, there is an article, Scientists finally know why people get more colds and flu in winter This was great news except to get there you need to take cold showers to strengthen your outer DEM layer which contradicts current hot showers trends.  The only time I get a running nose is when I take a cold shower, but is because strand of Wiggle energy are running all over and in my body.  I do remember getting a slight running nose in cold weather. If I had to guess, a running nose adds a protective layer for the cells that fight bacteria and viruses.

13th -  "On December 13, the US Department of Energy (DOE) announced that the National Ignition Facility (NIF) at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory..." The quote and pic are from Wire. In the record, just like fire, nothing is free. I have not looked at the timeline record, but I imagine that the extra energy comes from an earlier version of Earth.
17th - Ibol reminded me that I can do two things.  I can get rid of my synovial fluid in the knees and I need to walk. I replied back that I already do walk. She said to walk more. In the record, my Baker's cyst was not an physical event, but of the judgement. I guess I can use avatar anchor but on a Gaia level.  As for the walk more, I get to try and do the golem walk?
- I see myself in front of the door in the western salon. I hear Bart says that he wants to talk to me as I view a speed up timeline of the talk. I am thinking that it is a timeline I need to read. I also think that this was the first time Bart wanted to talk to me. In the record, it is a virus DEM message. Bart knows I am caution of messages sent to me.
18th - He has it in for me on multiple fronts every day.  In the record, this is good. I am now his target and we can how dance.
- In my waking dreams I see an image of a short black hair female from above her head like Kagome Higurashi from the anime Inuyasha. The image is very clear and wondering is she wants to meet. In the record, Ibol pick an anime that fits here life and her new form.

22nd - At the check out counter, the person on the other side of food belt suddenly take off their jacket. I am thinking that I had to be right by folks to affect them. In the record, my energy bubble is now around a 12ft diameter. This is going to make me a shut in.  I used a DEM chronostick to measure the bubble.

31st - Okay, I get it now. A typical walking tree, a.k.a. human, has a short stilt to the ground, which is about where their energy bubble ends. My energy bubble is 5 ft below me. I have to make a stilt that is 5 feet to the bubble edge to walk. When I make the stilt to the edge I can walk without dragging my right foot.  It has been five years since I lost my lower right soul leg.  I have yet to publish that adventure.

Joke time: 
"What did the meteorite say to the human race?"

Have a Happy New Year!
2023 May 21 - delete meme video and replaced with pic and link.  
2023 July 15 - reposted pics

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