Saturday, September 12, 2015

FAQ: Avatar thought force - a.k.a. Monkeys

What is an avatar thought force?: An avatar thought force is weaved with the sole intent to force your thoughts in the direction they want. I call them monkeys because they sort of look like a monkey riding your back. 

"Remember, when a monkey is on your back, just breathe!" Clueless Wonder

 Left: Monkey hooks on to your energy bubble and the bottom tube injects the thought. Right: Deep breathes float the monkey off your back.

Where does a monkey come from?:  Origins of avatar thought forces varies. Some have been recently written, others have been around for ages.

Can you stop a monkey?: Remember, once touched...always in touch applies to monkeys. If you do not like the thought force, have your avatar follow it back to the source and ask the sender to stop it.  Be polite and courtesy when you ask. Do not provoke the sender, they are just doing their job. They will leave you alone because you now control their monkey.

Feeding the monkey: Dwelling on the thought force feeds the monkey. Prolong monkey obsession changes your energy bubble.

How to unhook a monkey: A monkey is easy to launch back into the soup of energy all about us. Deep breathes in and out inflates your energy bubble and closes off the injection tube and hooks which allows the monkey to float away.

How to block monkeys: Monkeys can be blocked by playing music, watching TV, smoking, avatar music, or any passive sensory input. Music is an excellent choice because it resonates throughout your bubble which cuts off any monkey.

What is avatar music?: The music in your head is DJed by your avatar. Ask your avatar to switch the music or ask your avatar what music they would like.  Agreement on the music choice will aid in your friendship.

How does smoking block a monkey?:  Imagine swimming in a polluted river. Nothing else is alive around you and the pollution affects your physical body. I will look at smoking in a future post.

Does a block dampen awareness?: Yes, your energy bubble is consumed with the block which makes you unaware of the surrounding avatar world and aspects of the physical world.

Is there a different approach then using a monkey to get me to do something?: Yes, your avatar should talk to you like a normal person. Teaming with your avatar is a win-win for your friendship.

Does my art work get any better?: Maybe. I did use the money Mom gave me to attend art class and not buy comics at the local five-and-dime store. More time will be spent on the drawings when the book comes out.

2024 May 12 - changed font, reposted pic 

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