Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Avatar Catch - My bicycle crash

Quote: Yes, it's another bicycle crash. Thank goodness I had help.

The avatar catch allows you to stay in your body while the avatar manipulates your body's position for an upcoming event that is beyond your ability to control. You will remember some parts of the event though it is confusing how you managed to survive. The best way to describe an avatar catch is to recount my triathlon training crash followed by a look at the records. At this point in time I know nothing about avatars.

My training ride is from Davis to Lake Berryessa on county road 31. My wheel gets caught in a tire size crack in the pavement. Veering away from the road, I fly with the bicycle into the low lying weeds. I briefly open my eyes and sense that I am upside down crashing through the weeds before I close my eyes tight again. My eyes open as I finished my gymnast two bounce landing. I am astounded that I am on my feet in the weeds facing traffic.The hissing noise of air escaping from the tire brings me back to the current dilemma. An unseen voice suggests that I should go to the flat side of the road on the other side to change the tire. I proceed to have an argument with the avatar stating that this side of the road is just as flat as the other side. Another unseen voices says that if I to go the other side I will get a ride back to Davis. I reply to the new offer, “I could do that.”  The bicycle and I head to the other side of the rode unperturbed about the conversation with the avatar. I get a ride back to Davis to recover from the bicycle crash.

Looking at all the records reveals a well plan event. My avatar knows the crash is coming up. She asked an Indian avatar from the local University to help reduce the upcoming injury. The Indian avatar agrees and get two of his friends to help. As the crash starts, I fly off the bicycle crashing into the ground on my right shoulder. From behind, my avatar tucks me into a ball on our backs. The first Indian spins both of us 180 degrees. The second Indian stops the spin at our feet as he lifts us up passing the counterclockwise momentum. The third Indian catches us in mid air and plants my feet on the ground facing the direction of traffic. All the avatars were proud of their acrobatics. The last Indian tells me to go to the the other side to change my tire. He was surprised that I started to argue with him. My avatar quickly whispers in my ear that if i go to the other side I will get a ride home. As I am walking across the road my avatar waves to the driver's avatar saying that I am ready to be picked up as prearranged. My avatar and the driver's avatar bow to each other as I leave in the car to go home. 

If you need an extra hand, avatar catch is there to help.

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