Thursday, September 3, 2015

Timelines: Entering a Record

Quote: Think before you enter, but never let passion stop you.

I have entered two records. One was the second coming that I wanted to examine. The other record was me making up to my avatar so I enter the record and gave her a kiss on the check. The coupling record was only an avatar record. The kiss record was a combo human-avatar record. In looking at the original and the altered records, side by side, I can see a faint image of me in the original record which did not exist prior to the change.

How did my actions alter the timelines?
The kiss briefly altered three avatar timelines, but merged back into their normal timelines.The coupling alter four avatar timelines, but since they all agreed to keep it a secret no other lines were altered and it ended there.

Don't enter a record.  Give her a present instead. 

Well, this is not true, as you may have read in several of my posts. I have entered records of the past and interacted with them. My best guess is that if your soul is bound to your body, your timeline is straight forward. Once your soul losses the constraints of the physical body, then you can go any where in any timeline. I don't understand it, but I have done it.

Well I do understand it. You can go anywhere you want inside the box.
The box being box man, a.k.a. Santa Claus.
It would not surprise me if many of you have already gone back in time to help your present self out.

Update - 2016 August 7 - added soul bound timeline
2017 May 7 - added box constraint
2017 October 12 - Now if you have a direct connect with a Gray folk...infact if you were aligned with a Gray folk, the past is the future, which makes this universe the everlasting present. In short, there is no past and present though the future is still fluid. More to come...

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