Friday, September 18, 2015

Avatar consciousness: Moving picture

Quote: How fast can thought travel? Really, really fast!

At a pizza pallor, there was a picture of construction workers riveting an I-beam high-rise. I enjoy how things are built so I look deeper into the picture. I start to see the workers moving at the site. One is walking the beam and the other is pounding the rivet. The activity seem to go on for some time then it stops.

I talked to the photographer, the beam walker and the riveter. They lent me their timelines of the construction site. All three lines join for thirty seconds with the photo towards the front. The lines then branch off in different directions before and after the joined lines. Since the photo is within the joined timelines I can watch the construction workers from the photographer's view. I switch my view to the beam walker's line. I see the photographer yet the beam walker is not looking at the photographer but his avatar is aware of the photographer. An avatar's consciousness allows awareness of the nearby surroundings. The three avatar's consciousness stretches to the other avatars nearby, stretching to other avatars near them. This awareness continues to the next set, allowing you to see far away from the original picture which will be concluded now.

In the background, on the 18th floor of the tall building is a secretary at a metal desk in the middle of a busy office. She reviews a report laying on top of an ink blotter desk pad. In the left desk corner, crisp typed reports fills a green metal in-basket and on the right is a vase with freshly cut flowers. I see this timeline because I have permission from the secretary's avatar.

Remember, everything is recorded. Your avatar can help you read the records. Get to know your avatar.

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