Thursday, September 24, 2015

Blog: What to do with the information...start a picture puzzle!

Quote: Once you see the pattern of the puzzle pieces, you no longer need the picture. You just know it.

Read it. File it. Some time in the future, it will make sense to you.

For instance, I learned in high school that the physical body was a bunch of empty space.  I thought to myself, that makes no sense. There must be a reason for the empty space. I filed the thought in the back of my mind as I gathered more pieces to complete the puzzle.

With the help of the avatars, the pieces are quick and easy to place in the puzzle, except there is no border on this picture. A border is like a door, once you think it is not possible the door closes which makes a smaller picture.

For instance, I once tried to channel an earthquake, which did not work...but I tried. It is best not have any doors. In fact, knock down all the walls, floor and ceiling. Yeah, you're floating in empty space, but now you can go anywhere.

Good luck on your journey. Your best friend is always with you...your avatar.

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