Sunday, October 4, 2015

Avatar Catch and Hold: Golem run and Chipmunk laughter

Rocky switchbacks on the Pacific Crest Trail above Echo Lake
Quote: Next time I am at Echo Lake, I wonder if the lake maiden will push my canoe. Wish me luck.

Ben and I are hiking back from Lake Aloha in Desolation Wilderness. We are midway through the descent of the rocky switchbacks when I bellow in a deep voice, "I love rocks and rocks love me." Suddenly, my boots take off down the trail kicking rocks everywhere. I stop and Ben catches up. I tell Ben that you need to say the phrase. In a deep voice, I say again, "I love rocks and rocks love me." I feel a rush coming towards me from a distant. My boots take off again for several seconds then I stop and I start to laugh out loud, uncontrollable. Ben asked me if I was mad, then I hear a loud chipmunk sound off the trail. I suspect the chipmunk did the laughter and the run was a golem. Nothing else happens as we continue our trip to the car.

The golems, chipmunk avatar, and I look at the records to see the avatar side of the the catch and hold.

We look at the second golem run because I called forth the golems. When I spoke, "I love rocks and rocks love me.", the golem pair ran from Flag Pole Peak to give me another boost. My ankles are grabbed by the female golem while the male golem has my back for the acceleration. When we are running, the female head and hands are above the ground while the male's chest support my back. At the end of the run, the female lets go while the male ensures I am steady. In the record, the distance traveled as the crow fly to get to me was a mile in 2 seconds. They said they could do it faster

Then we look at the chipmunk record for the avatar hold. The chipmunk avatar steps into my back, then we both laugh. He steps out my front and I continue to laugh after his exit. I examine the record and see an outline of another person around me. He controls my body but I am still aware of my body, which is different than avatar substitution.

If you're in the high country, bellow in a deep voice, "I love rocks and rocks love me." If you're lucky, you'll get a run.

- 2018 May 12 - Added in the record and golem express in labels

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