Saturday, October 31, 2015

Storm Avatar: San Diego storm cell

Storm cell over San Diego

Quote: There are no miracles, just good old-fashion avatar planning.

Through the plane window, I take a picture of a cloud formation on our approach to the San Diego airport. In the bus, we drive through winds, rain, and lightning of the storm cell. With her maidens, the storm avatar flexes her might without human losses.

Back at the house, I asked the storm avatar for the event timelines, as she lays a pile of spaghetti on my desk. I pause and wonder how she tracks them all. I open and expand the timelines to view the tree fall on the bus. I mentally asked, "Why have the tree hit the bus?" A wind maiden explains they had viewed several different outcomes, only one was unchangeable by the driver or the tree. The tree had to fall on the hood of the bus which kept the bus on its wheels and moved the tree out of traffic.

The October SoCal mudslide and Hurricane Patricia are fine examples of storm avatars working with their maidens and local avatars to ensure a happy ending for all. Humans still need to take the necessary precaution for big event, which reduces the work for the storm avatar.

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