Saturday, October 10, 2015

Avatar badge: Why males talk side by side.

Avatar war mask for human to wear

"There are reasons why we do what we do. Asking why starts the dig." Clueless Wonder

I attended a Fred Pryor class on communications. I participated in a demonstration at the front of the class on how males hang out with each other. To start, the instructor had me and another male student stand side by side. She explained that males conversed with each other at an angle versus females who talked face to face. She instructed both of us to face each other. As soon as I turn, I felt an urge to kill. I quickly eye scanned him and found him calmly standing in front of me.

In the record, his avatar, Ibol and I looked to see what happened. I saw both of us stand side by side with shoulder avatars. When we face each other, a black snake came out the backside of his shoulder avatar. The badge was an announcement of the avatar's ability to guard his human in an armed conflict.

To converse with a male, stand by his side for a comfortable atmosphere to talk.

In the record, his shoulder avatar flashed his avatar badge/mask as a pickup line to hook up with my shoulder avatar, Ibol. She immediately knocked it away and told him that her human sensed it and thought that his human wanted to kill me. 

In war, his avatar will place the mask over his human's face to give him strength to kill another human.

2016 November 19 - Grammar, spelling, links, enlarged picture and added pick up line record. Mask King post to follow.
2020 December - fixed quote, font, war link, grammar
2024 May 3 - changed font, reposted pic

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