Monday, October 12, 2015

Gremlin: The three umbrellas and the clairvoyant

Lake Merritt BART Station

"Having help is okay. Just do it." Ibol's Daughter, my shoulder avatar.

I am at the Lake Merritt BART station with my bike waiting for the Richmond train. It has been raining and the umbrellas are out. I hear the drop of three umbrellas. I view the fallen, which are in a line as though someone ran along and hit them. From a prior experience, I know a gremlin is having a bit of fun.

The train arrives and people board. I enter the rear and park next to the door. All is quiet on the ride until the doors close at the Ashby station. Midway to the next stop, everyone at the front of the car moves to the back. At the front, I see a man shouting at a person to leave him alone, yet no one is there. He pulls his hands form the overhead rail as though he is playing a hand slap game with the gremlin. The man sees the gremlin, I can not see. My avatar sees the gremlin, which allows me to know that he is there. 

The train stops and everyone exits the rear door. I walk to the north stairs and pass the clairvoyant who seems on edge. I exit the gate and mentally request an avatar to tend the clairvoyant. I explain the situation and off he goes.

Folks need to understand that I am not clairvoyant. Having coupled with my avatar allows me access to her abilities. What I can do, anyone can do because everyone has an avatar. You just need to have your avatar descend a second time.

Which in turns makes me clairvoyant. In the record, the means of clairvoyance is not important, but what you do with the knowledge.
In the record, I thought I was not clairvoyant because I depended on my shoulder avatar for the sight.

2020 January 20 - added it's okay and new quote. 
2023 November 17 - changed font, reposted pic

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