Thursday, October 15, 2015

Human Help: Wisteria gnome cage

Quote: The redwood avatar outside my flat got her own avatar. Now she speaks to me.

In Berkeley at Live Oak Park, a wisteria vine is behind a closed gate with a gnome who is lonely. The wisteria gnome is childlike, green, three feet tall with yellow eyes and leafy branches for hair. Prior to the fence, children climbed on his vines. He aided the child by suggesting what to grab or step on. If needed, he placed their hand or foot in the proper location. He misses the fun and laughter of children playing on his vines.

The gnome and I talked about the fence. He wants the fence gone now and I should cut it down. I showed him an image of me behind bars if I did that. I showed him another image of a city council meeting where he explains his dilemma to the people. He agreed to the meeting, but needs to learn how to make a shell and practice wearing it. I will report back on how the meeting comes out.

Tree and plant avatars do not communicate through speech. Use pictures to visual talk to them.

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