Thursday, October 1, 2015

How to bypass the ahchoo

"This post is nothing to sneeze at...literally." Clueless Wonder

Before I knew about avatars, I read books about energy bubbles and chakras, which was interesting but overlooked the world around me. So I conducted experiments with hiccups, mental post-its, switching head music, and cheese ceilings as a Ouija board. This post is about the ahchoo.

Sometimes I sneezed to get dust out of my nose. Other times, I sneezed to expel unwanted energy off my head. My body performed an auto-clean to eject unwanted energy. I called it the "ahchoo" versus a normal sneeze. The ahchoo is a two steps process. I gathered the energy in my head, the "ah", then expelled the energy, the "choo". Sometimes, I ahchoo when I eat carrots, therefore I will view a carrot eating record.

Before viewing the record, I examine a broken carrot and see green mist, a.k.a. Earth energy, leaks out of a fresh break. In the record, I took a big bite of carrot and chewed it over and over again. In viewing the chewing, I see green mist leak out of my mouth and nose, in and around my head. Before long, I needed to ahchoo and the green mist shoots out in a whirl of fine mist disappearing from view.

To by pass the ahchoo is simple.

Place finger tip to nose tip. Pull energy to hand.

When I feel a sneeze, I put my finger tip on the tip of my nose.
For a few seconds, I imagine energy going from my head onto my hand. 


Break contact. Flick energy off hand.

I quickly break contact and flick my arm and wrist to expel the unwanted energy.
It took me several tries to get the feel. So give it a try, it's easy to do. 

Finger under nose is too close.

Do not put your finger under your nose. The energy may go to your hand but your hand is so close to your face, the energy goes back to your head.

Remember, touch nose - gather energy - flick off. 
It's a life saver when driving and I need to ahchoo.

Folks at work must think I am bonkers waving broken carrots in front of my face, but the green trail is cool to watch. In the record, it is interesting to revisit the past post of clairvoyance before I knew I was clairvoyant.

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