Saturday, October 10, 2015

Avatar Network: The mental phone call

Quote: What? A busy is that possible!

In my interview with Tanya Luhrmann, she asked me how did I find out my avatar's name, Ibol. I turn my eye up to the sky and metally asked my brother if it was OK to tell her which he agreed to. I told Tanya that I had clearance and it was my brother who told me her name. The call took seconds to get my answer.

How fast does thought travel? I do not know but it is very, very fast.

How fast can an avatar travel? The golem pair in the golem run post covered over a mile distance in seconds.

So when I say the avatars came by the house to look at the records, I mean they came to my flat to look at the records. It is no big deal for them to get here. Or if they can not come, I mentally talk to them at their location because thought travels very, very fast.

I suggest you get to know your avatar...the network is never down.

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