Sunday, February 21, 2016

2016 February 13-19: The Third Planet of the Twelve

Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

Quote: "Never be afraid to try something have only your pride to lose." 3rd Planet Mum & Sister Avatar

February 13-19: The Third Planet of the Twelve - The avatars of the 3rd planet, which is an avatar planet, are shy about trying new things. Letting go of their emotions for cross training scared the avatars, which is why it was delayed. Fortunately, the Venus avatars, who are the avatars the 3rd planet avatars, got them jump started on their work. The Mum, her Sister and 6 Daughter visited for the week. 

In the record - The 3rd planet of the Twelve is a complete mystery and the avatars are not talking. With the help of the Ladies of the Void, I get out the Twelve planet record. Since the Venus avatars watch over both our planets, I think the 3rd must be in Earth's orbit. To simulation the orbit, I draw an ellipse in mid-air and place the Earth and the Moon. I look for the empty space for the 3rd, which is a trailing location at L5. Online, I find out about Lagrangian points. To verify, I zoom down to the 3rd and enter Sister Avatar to look with her avatar eyes.  I see two more avatar planets at L3 and L4, with the Earth on the right. I then apologize to Sister Avatar for borrowing without asking.
13th -
Shell - From the house, I went on a hike to Tilden Park and I meet two humans without avatars. One was a man jogging up the stairs sweating a lot. He said, "I am glad there are hand rails. I would never make it up to the top." I told him about taking the Selby trail if he wanted to loop around. He thanked me and we parted our ways but I soon ran into another human without an avatar.  He was a young man dress in a military jacket. I wanting to say hi but he seemed very shy. In the record, the first person was the White dragon followed by the Green dragon.
Timeline - In the record, looking for shells, I ran into two avatar at the rock climbing area. They started talking to me in the record about watching the rock climbers.
Improvement - Clean the tub in a way that did not get me dirty. Thanks.
Hearing Music - The Hummingbird Mum sent me a valentine, a thousand miles song. 
14th - 
Hearing Music - My valentine gift from several avatars was a thousand miles songWe, being me, did some crying as we listened to the song and sang some of the lyrics. Thanks. 
Valentine dance - It was a slow dance with different avatars. Though I was standing in my living room, I see an expansion in all direction of the Venus dance floor. My dance partners were Ubol, Hummingbird Mum, Blue Dragon, Moon Princess, Madam Ping, Kenisha, Gwen, ending with Ibol.  Thank you all for the dance.
15th - 

Hack - On my home computer, the Google avatars hacked the stopwatch program I normally used so I'd start to use theirs. At work, the link for the other program works fine.
Hack - The light went off and on four times. I think something is wrong and look at the light, then realize that I've been had.  
Catch - Tripped in shipping and no one saw it.
Force thought - The distracting thoughts entertained me. For example, my avatar walked in to the monkey writing room to confront the writer, who showed me a vision of me walking in. I crack up and he showed me the next monkey of me cracking up. This goes on for a minute until I give up and walk out. 
Cross train - Mum and Sister and Ubol & Daughter.
16th - 
The Mum, Sister, and Daughters spent the day getting to know their avatars who were invisible to them. They are the 3rd planet avatars with Venus avatars.
17th - 
Timelines and viewing bubbles - I played TreadMarks CTF online with Bro Mike. We, the Daughters, lacked any teamwork and communication skills between ourselves, and can't spawn a tank right side up. It was suggested that we would improve if we cross trained, which we avoided.
Cross Train - 3 Daughters, Bumblebee Mum, Carolyn M. Drady, Oakland & Daughter, Mum's Sister
18th -

Hack - I edit an email and click the send button. I have never seen the attachment reminder before. In the record, when I clicked, I saw an avatar flick their finger to push the reminder out.
Catch - At work, my foot was held in QA and no one saw it.
Shell - Driving to work, a racoon cross in front of the car.  In the record, I see an avatar in the racoon shell.
Shell - Still driving, a rat goes flying across the road in front of my car and under the next car.  In the record, the avatar in the rat shell disappears under the car.
Improvement - Reorganized the shower's clean up steps which made it quicker. Thanks
Cross Train -  3 Daughters, Spider Mum, Peregrine Falcon Avatar, Kathleen M. Boden, Berkeley & Daughter, Mum
19th -

Dreams -  In a metal shop, I hammer a force-fit collar on a turret. The bosses on the inside of the collar fit in holes in the turret. Later in the assembly, my Bro, Mike, take off the covers on the turret door.
Improvement - They are the ones that convince me to start the blog cleanup. Thanks.

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